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We are leader in securitization and in financing services. We help people to have access to the international financing marketplaces. In one word, we democratize the finance.

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We help you to obtain finance

Our services are tailored to help people to access finance by international bank services. We work togheter our international partners to develop paths for ordinary people, not only big companies, to use international finance centers and have access to the liquidity. London is the best place in the world to solve your liquidity issues. Credinvest is here and we democratize the finance.


Financial Planning

Cash flow is the King! We help our partners to improve their cash flow with a broad range financial instruments.

Being different

Create a Diverse Portfolio

To outperform the market, you have to be different to the market, seeking returns wherever they aree.


Personal Wealth Management

We combines active management with technological knowhow to create a compelling range of  solutions for you.

Credit Elite

Realise the benefits

As skilled active investors, we build portfolios that help steer you through volatile markets, unearth hidden gems, and take all our shared futures into account.

We enable our fund managers with the latest in innovative technology as they strive to meet these goal

boutique offices

We are operating from our 4 boutique offices, located in London, Dubai, Lugano, Milan, in 3  languages.


Avg Annual Return

Our investments portafolios gain in average an extraordinary 8% per year, the best ones in the market. 

Experienced Advisors 

Our experienced team, it’s our strength. Loyalty, professional, accountability, reliability are our keywords.

strong fundament

Our share capital, it’s our strong fundament. We work hard everyday to reward our stockholders.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

Key to our success has been a relentless commitment to investment excellence and our focus on helping investors achieve their investment goals.

It’s an approach that’s led to an ever-widening range of investment styles, asset classes, geographies and products, with a level of service designed to deliver a superior investment experience.


Financial Democracy

We believe the best investment insights come from specialized investment teams with discrete investment perspectives, operating under a disciplined philosophy and process with strong risk oversight. Our pure focus on investment management eliminates the distractions that compromise results

Financial Co-obligation

We help our stakeholders to access the international bank and finance system. The guarantee from Credinvest is the indispensabile Passport to international finance market.

Investment Trust

We manage a range of investment trusts. Whether you choose one of the newer investment trusts or the oldest, at the heart of each one is the same commitment to investment excellence. Each of the trusts is diligently managed with long-term performance in mind, based on an active, high conviction approach to investing

Multi Asset

Our Multi Asset Team comprises a 15-strong investment team with extensive experience and complimentary backgrounds. The team has a proven capability in managing a variety of multi asset investment solutions


Our securitization services, allow all creditors to access a international bank class services on London S.E. We set up SPV vehicle and offer a full management services.

Portfolio Management

In a low return environment, every little extra, in performance terms, is important. Our enhanced index funds seek to deliver an index-like experience while outperforming their benchmark index, after fees, over a full market cycle. There is no guarantee the funds will achieve their target and investors may not get back the full amount invested.

Fixed Interest

Our Fixed Interest team has been successfully managing funds, with the diversity in global markets reflected in the growth in our product offering that includes mixed asset funds.

At Credinvest, we democratize the finance for the ordinary people

cash flow

Financial Co Obligation: a new way to access to liquidity pool.

Credinvest offers to it stakeholders a new way to access to international liquidity pool. Financial Co Obligation allows the Companies to access to the main international bank and financial institutions with the guarantee of Credinvest and its network of premium partners. Our comittment is to help little and medium companies to access the main international bank system. Becouse we want democratize financial system.


Financial Resources and News

Stay tuned, with our lastest news and resources. 

Important Notice to all Shareholders from Board of Director

The Board of Directors inform all shareholders of Credinvest that all shareholders that didn't pay the capital are asked to paid till 25th October 2021. This is a deadline. The Board will ask to external lawyers to monetize all promissary note, issued by shareholders...


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