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Tailored advisory services to make sure that your transaction runs smoothly and efficiently. Our long presence in the market, which has given us a deep and consolidated knowledge of all the different types of assets, and the constant updating of all regulatory, accounting, tax and management aspects related to structured finance transactions, allow us to provide you full support with a high quality service.


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Assistance to the Originator/Seller or Servicer in analysing operational impacts, defining and implementing an internal reporting and monitoring procedures. We also provide advisory in preparing the documents (reports or procedures) that Bank of Italy requires from the companies under its supervision



In an ever-changing market marked by numerous litigation, where creditors are asked to focus on their core business and debtors instead are increasingly to be managed, it becomes crucial to assign the management of loans, including the constant monitoring of the operation to a third party independent and professional, with flexible systems.




Credinvest provides Cash Manager services. We send payment instructions on each Payment Date in compliance with the payment report prepared by the Calculation Agent or the Programme Administrator.

In addition, we provide assistance to the SPV and the account bank on how to invest the liquidity available on SPV’s accounts, sending the relevant instructions or through other companies authorized to provide investment services.

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Collectively, we are unstoppable. At Credinvest, we recognize that our people set us apart. Individually, we are many things: Innovative, collaborative, respectful, resourceful, flexible, driven, giving, and inclusive. Collectively, we are unstoppable. We get the job done, exceeding our clients’ expectations every time. And we do it in a way that makes working here rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable. 

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From the start, our business has been architected and constructed with the ability to evolve our services to other segments of the securitization market. Our focus is on creating indispensable partnerships with customers and growing value for global financial markets.


Tech platform

We are continuing to evolve our core business and technology capabilities to create new value for current and future customers.

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We are known for our leadership in working collaboratively with clients to create and deliver innovative business and technology solutions that transform the way they do business. We have demonstrated this profound value creation every single day.


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